Recycled, Reversible, Packable & Carbon Neutral

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4 x better than your average jacket...

A beautifully crafted, insulated jacket that is:

 - Packable

 - Reversible

 - Recycled

 - Carbon Neutral

1. Packs in to it's Pocket

Travel ready. Your jacket packs down in to it's own pocket so it takes up less space in your luggage!

2. Never Inside Out!

Two Jackets in one! Two great colour options means your jacket works with more outfits and gets worn more often.

3. Made from Recycled Plastics

Both our ripstop outer and our 80g insulation is made from recycled plastics.  

4. Completely Carbon Neutral

...and you choose how!

Whilst we'll do everything possible to reduce our impact on the planet we will inevitably create carbon when manufacturing the products. We'll offset this carbon to make us completely carbon neutral and you can choose how we do this for your jacket.



Combat deforestation to keep the carbon sequestering abilities of large forests.


New Trees

Clean the air, fight climate change and build new forests!

Support New Sustainable Initiatives

From funding climate change start ups to supporting cleaner cooking equipment. It all reduces carbon!


We're launching on Kickstarter in the next few weeks and we'll like to give you a discount to say thank you for supporting us!

Normally our jackets would retail at £180 ($235) but through Kickstarter you can get them for just... 

£105 ($135)

That's a 45% discount! This price is only available a limited number of backers. To make sure you don't miss out sign up to get your discount!

Check us out on Indiegogo Now!

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