Cahaya Straits

Reversible, Recycled, Packable & Carbon Neutral Jackets

Built to last. The only jacket you'll ever need.

Four Colours. Two Options.

Built better

We all know we need less stuff, so we've made it a little easier for you. We've spent years with designers, manufacturers and customers - trying to understand what makes a jacket perfect. After a lot of research, blood, sweat & tears - we believe we've cracked it.

Four times better than your average jacket

We knew we had to develop a product that left no stone unturned - so we've ensured that this jacket is as functional as it is reliable.

🧳 Packable
◀️ Reversible
♻️ Recycled
🌳 Carbon Neutral

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Completely carbon neutral and you choose how...

Prevent Deforestation

Combat deforestation to keep the carbon sequestering abilities of large forests.

Support Sustainable Initiatives

From funding climate change start ups to supporting cleaner cooking equipment. It all reduces carbon!

Plant New Trees

Clean the air, fight climate change and build new forests!

**Jackets Selling Fast - Limited Stock Remaining**

We want more from the clothes we buy. We want them to be more sustainable, more versatile, easier to live with. We decided we want our jacket to be 4 X better than your average jacket. So that's what we've done.

Hear what our customers have to say

"It is the warmest jacket I’ve ever owned. Beautifully designed, love that it’s reversible too." ★★★★★

– Sam, UK

“It is perfect; keeps me warm but I don't overheat. Loved that it packs down in to it’s own pocket too. Super convenient.” ★★★★★

– Adam, UK