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The Reversible Midlayer

This jacket isn’t made sustainably because that’s part of our multimillion pound corporate strategy. It’s sustainable because we actually give a fuck about it. It’s reversible so that it works with more outfits in more places and that means you buy less stuff. We made it to last because we don’t want to sell you another one next year, we want you to have this for life.

This isn’t a reversible jacket. This is a revolution

We founded Cahaya Straits to create perfect products to help you find perfect places... 

Packs in to it's Pocket

Completely Carbon Neutral

...and you choose how!

Whilst we'll do everything possible to reduce our impact on the planet we will inevitably create carbon when manufacturing the products. We'll offset this carbon to make us completely carbon neutral and you can choose how we do this for your jacket.



Combat deforestation to keep the carbon sequestering abilities of large forests.


New Trees

Clean the air, fight climate change and build new forests!

Support New Sustainable Initiatives

From funding climate change start ups to supporting cleaner cooking equipment. It all reduces carbon!

Our Colourways

Our Core Principles


Built using recycled materials, built to last and you choose how your carbon is offset.


Two contrasting sides means you can wear this jacket in more places, with more outfits.


Packable, practical, waterproof and beautiful. We believe great design will last a generation.


We're launching on Kickstarter in the next few weeks and we'll like to give you a discount to say thank you for supporting us!

Normally our jackets would retail at £180 ($235) but through Kickstarter you can get them for just... 

£99 ($130)

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The Jacket Details

YKK Waterproof Zippers

Pockets front and back use waterproof zips to keep your valuables safe and dry.

Want to know more about some of the technical details, click here:

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